new blog until getting problems solved

Think that I am done playing with the domain name and trying to get it to work on the other page, so starting a new one and continuing on .   Had been a royal pain and nothing tried seems to work, to on to new and better

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Unknown said...

Hey hun, did you make sure to type in the exact name in every single spot the original name had been used? If not, it will not show up. That includes any pages and images pointing to it. I had this problem happen to me until I did so. What I did to make it a bit easier was to just type in the full domain site name once then copy it and paste it the rest of the times I needed it. This is assuming that you have paid for your domain name, if not then you will have to create a new domain name as a freebie account unless you can remember the specifics of your old account. Some places will delete your account if you have been inactive on it for a period of 3 months.

I hope this helps {{{hugz}}}