Review of books ordered for learning to colour properly

This review of the books is "without prejudice", 
but my own opinion of the books as wanted by someone who is trying to get their colouring with markers out of the ground level it is at now.

1  Coloring Techniques for Card Making
2  A Year of Flowers
3  Copic Coloring Guide
4  Copic Coloring Guide 2 with the CD in  it

Sorry, but it states on the cover that it has "popular colouring techniques to use with 45+ fun projects"  and the title is actually "Coloring Techniques for Card Making"

There is one instruction for each of the three mediums used,.  One stamp each, which is not what one would say is what is the projected contents by the cover title and content description.  . 
Card making techniques including the sizes, colours, dies, etc are there, but only the three colouring techniques. 

 Don't need sizes and die lists.  Have enough on this computer thanks.  

Love her cards.  The book has some great card making techniques, hints and instructions, but again, thought there would actually be some colouring techniques shown for some of the cards instead of just the colours listed.  Definitely for persons who know how to colour properly already, but it does give some colour combinations though. Since her cards are beautiful, they will probably be used. The techniques are great, as usual from Melanie

It explains the markers, then has instructions for different techniques with excellent demo photos to go by, what could be wrong if not turning out or looking like the sample.  Each card then has instructions as to what colour to use where on that stamped item, and you can do so by going back and using the techniques taught at the front as each card instruction states the techniques used on that card.

Second book has many techniques, pages of instructions, great demo photos to show you exactly again, then info on each card yet again as the first one, and a CD to print off items in the book to practice on.

The last two books are perfect to learn from.  They can be referred to often when one is having problems getting something just right. 

If it actually says "coloring guide" on it, check it out, if wanting for colouring instructions

For me looking at the demos on U tube are ok, but being dyslexic takes its toll on some things, and some things are required to be right in front of me until mastered 

This means that if am not on the system to watch, and wanting to quickly try a card using  new process, I don't try the card.  Once something is mastered it is ok, but while trying to learn the best way for me, it requires something for me to see the actual way wanted to look.

so.   That is my take on these books, Know we all have our own preferences, but was looking for actual colouring techniques that thought were in all these.  

Did find two good ones, so that makes me a happy card maker.  know some designs will be used from Melanies, but was really wishing for some floral instructions to keep.

Have a super day all.  Off to check out the many markers still needed

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