Well   took 8 pictures with a camera my son gave me to use and see if it worked  for what I want.  He loves photography and has a much better one for what he is doing now, so I have the chance to use an excellent one, but am getting blurry photos no matter what I do,  Have to get him to help me figure out why,  Since the manual is a Book !!!!, not even going there.   So have to retake to post. 

So  nothing to post today,   Coloured about 8 more cards to finish up and they are piled with their stock, ready to be done, but not until the first of the week,. 

This is a family weekend for me, and that means the son and his family who are not living local and going to be here, so we can all be together, so the cards come last !! 

Having a ball colouring, obtaining new stamps, digi and clear, so will definitely be posting.  
Now to get more stock so am not sitting here with no colours wanted. 

have a super weekend all, and be back the first of the week.

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