Got my accreditation blinkie from Spectrum Noir, but it won't post properly !!!!!!!

Still having troubles with this space and not too happy at all. 

Have spent ages trying to get the black space on the left to actually post as a blinkie, and it won't take.  Between that and the other things that will not go on here, am really wondering if this is the way to go.   Am absolutely frustrated. 
If anyone has any ideas, please let me know,   

This blinkie is for my accreditation from Spectrum Noir as a colorist and want it up there.    It will take you to the marker site but is not changing and having the words on it.    

Will keep trying, but have no idea.  Have put mega things on here over time, and only had this problem once until lately.  

Now have tried it on two systems and neither will load it.   UGH !!!!

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