Whoo hoo, the rest of the markers are here.

Anyone who has known me since starting card making about 4 years ago knows that colouring is a favourite thing. 

 After life got in the way in early 2012. really did not do much until just recently.  One thing done was to purchase new markers that thought would have the colours missing in my loved Twin Touch. Maybe would get back to colouring for real. !!  Huge error in judgement on my part for sure.   

Got thinking straight this last week about them, emailed a person at Shinhan about wanting to obtain the 36 new ones that had never been able to get here.  Within hours , with a couple of mails back and forth, a couple of calls from him, the new markers as well as 8 replaced for FREE were winging their way to me. They dried out over 3 years, and not being used for about 2 of them, so no reason for them to do that for me.  And given an excellent price on the new ones.   What doe that mean??  You got it -

100% + customer service.  Top quality markers.  What else can be said.  

Why did I not do this immediately ???  Silly ole me thinking to try and use other ones.  :)

They arrived today!!!!! Even with the 4 day holiday of our postal system. 

These markers are a joy to use, from the colouring to just being able to hold them properly.
The numbers are on the ends, and the middle of the back.  And the numbering system is so simple.  Check the colour on the swatch sheet made with them, go and pull that number.  Ye,s, they are coded, but you only need the number to find it, not the code.  Easy, simple and love it.   No sorting through lots to find the right one.  

They also have a wee circle on them that actually says "Art & Creative Materials Institute Certified" on each marker.   How cool is that.  Certified for "artists" .  Since they have been around for 50 years, yes, they were originally for artists.

Package contents

Here is the comparison picture with a Copic  Almost exact same size.  A tad bit thicker if anything which may mean more ink.  :)

Here are the markers open for you to see the ends.  White is brush/broad, black is fine point/broad.

ok  That' s it .   Now to figure out which beautiful colour am picking to go with first for a new card.   Absolutely impressed with the new colours.  Actually all of them, but the additional ones are great.    204 colours, refills and nibs as well can be changed.  

If you want to check them out go  here



cass said...

Shari, I'm a Touch fan as well

Verna Angerhofer said...

How fun for you! Happy you are back in business so we can see your beautiful coloring again!