First Tutorial with Touch Twin Markers.

Hi All  promised the people on our Touch Twin Group a tutorial as some have never used alcohol markers, and we are now (as of August 1st for you all) carrying 24 of them.   Yes !!!! love it. 

Have never done one, and need a tripod for pictures, but here goes.  And all the colours are not available through CTMH come August, but this is a combination used a lot here, and it would show great, so used it. 

This is how I set up anything colouring.  Two pages the same, one for keeping and one for the posting. 
 This is the one for this flower which is from  stamp set  B1432,  "Love This"  so did a few on it to play with.

The first step, which was to colour in the middle with the lighter colour (one of the ones carried) 234 - Leaf Green

 The second step to colour in the middle of that area with the second colour coming to Close To My Heart as well.  235 - Olive Dark Green

Next step is to start the petal colours and chose 211 - Tiger Lily for the darkest colour  and added with flicking strokes from the green out.  Never the same or even as flowers are not usually like that.  

Don't worry about imperfections, except the green in the middle.  Left to show, yes do the same as every one else, make errors in the colouring, but this will be a sample kept and the good ones used.  Have bad hand days and this was one, but promised this tutorial before this. 

Next colour in line to again do out from the 211, overlapping the start point into the 211 colour was with 23 - Oorange

Again with the flicking method, and not to worry about the missed areas, all comes out at the end.

The third colour is 33 - Melon Yellow.   and it was started, again overlapping the 23 up to the edges.  

 The colour difference is able to be seen here, and although the middle looks darker it really is not.  

Next we go over again with 211

See how the flicking kind of disappears, that is ok, still gives an uneven edge to the colours which is what is wanted

The second coat with 23

See how it looks not too great.   That is ok.  because after this I went over it again with 211 to keep the middle section the darkest and it all blended in as you see below.   Also for this one only did one coat of the 33 a the top as wanted it that colour depth.  Adding another coat would have darkened it.

Here is the finished  flower.  It has the colour differences, and the flicking for the uneven colour going into the lightest one.

Hope this was helpful to you.   And yes, am going to go over the middle with 235 again as it dried not quite as dark as wanting. 

Here is one done with two colours that we will be carrying, but no flicking, just colouring .  They are 198 - Tender Pink and 140 - Light Orange (Which is actually more pink)

Generally you will not see me put any names to the markers just numbers. 

This was not a good day for colouring and today is not either, so just posting as is.  On any card, you will never see any blips as do not colour on bad days usually.   

Thanks for bearing with me for my first tutorial, and hope it was of some help to some persons. 


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Garden, Grace Creations said...

Thanks for sharing this! Love it!!! I love the colors. CTMH Rocks! Awesome!