been off and new card

Hi all,   been off here for a bit doing some thinking, needlework and just trying to keep cool   

Have made a few cards, so will start posting again, 

Thanks for hanging in if you did  :)

Here is one for a relatives birthday.  Similar to a past one, 

ok   this is going to be an ongoing experience learning how to get the beautiful watermark  been using to work in gimp.   But will keep playing and just use one like this for now, 

Took windows off both machines an gimp is in the linux setup so guess had better learn to use it this time 

Have a good one all, and sorry to be away so long, just needed to get a bunch of things done outside of cards. 

Thank you for any comments,  they are always appreciated, 


Rosy Newlun said...

Well, welcome back my buddy! I know how life has to get taken care of at times, then we can come back to cards, right? I hope all is well with you and yours. This card is ABSOLUTELY lovely. Look how you strategically placed your dies! Fabulously CAS my friend. I am still working on a tough card for me, a style I don't usually do, so will take some time before I can upload it. It's specific for a special someone so had to be really creative with this one! Aloha, stay cool!

Verna Angerhofer said...

So very beautiful.

Karen Shirey said...

:) I just wrote much the same on my blog Shari.. however, I haven't uploaded anything yet. It has been a busy summer! :)
I love this card you have done.
Awesome layers and the beautiful pink! Just gorgeous!!!