Christmas cards from a CTMH kit

 The above card is as per the kit instructions.  

This was a card kit to make 5 of 3 different cards from CTMH.  Liked the bird paper, so tried it.  
All the card pieces were cut to their instructions, then my brain of course decided to switch things around as usual, so here are the three kit ideas and my takes.  Now what to do with the rest of the left over pieces because of  course they were all cut out before deciding to change things.


 Above:   This is my take with the ribbon replaced by bronze crystals in solid like a ribbon

 This is the kit card for number two.  above

 This is my take using the same pieces and turning the one with the stamp.  (oops  used the wrong piece, but they are the same size)
Bling on the stamped piece and down the red piece instead of the tan ribbo

Card number 3 from the kit. - above

My card number 3.  put the bronze on again, turned the paper so the coloured side is out to match the colours in the stamped piece.

It really seemed weird to do these as there are not many cards done here without colouring on them with the markers.   But.   Was a trial run, like the bird paper, so will use it for sure, and of course love the clear stamps as usual.

The crystals in bronze just have Wow on the container,  and the bling singles are all CTMH. 

have a good one all.   Will be back. 

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