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Started making cards in November of 2010.  Just got into it really when life got in the way and there was extremely little done from first of 2012 to the late fall of 2013.  Then it was hit and miss until but getting back there. 

Love making cards, am hoping to get to where can do custom orders and more specialized cards as was intended on the outset of this. 
I would be extremely happy for you to follow me and watch my progress. Have put some blogs followed on here, on a page and will try to catch them up, but many are through bloglovin or followed by mail,and come daily to me.  If you don't see yours and you know me, that is probably why.

The original of the header was made by Angela D Designs.  Beautiful, but it had information on it no longer relevant so had to remove that which meant losing all the beautiful Lilybug headers down the page as well, but that is ok.  Still have the beautiful images she did. 

Enjoy and thanks for stopping in. 

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