slow at posting.

Am very behind in the cards because a while ago moved the table to in front of a large window.  Only problem is that it was sunny then, so great.  Now that winter is here, it is dark in this whole place, requiring lights on all over all day and the only light here is the one for my card making at this table.  So.  Not too good when marker colours and stock colours don't actually come through.  Going to get someone to help put it back under a light and leave it there even though it makes this small place even smaller.  !!.   Cards not being done, is not what is wanted..  
So it is either move this or stand up and do cards in the kitchen.  Nope,  don't think that is going to happen.   :) 

Have a good day all. 

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Rosy Newlun said...

Some day you and I will have a little craft place dedicated to card making. Still transitioning ... sending hugs your way <3