blog design etc.

You have seen some changes here and will probably see more until this looks like it is wanted,   Trying to simplify, keep the focus on what is being done, learned, what used, but am having a problem finding the look wanted.   So if you can bear with this setup until I find it.  Thanks.   
Don't worry, all the blogs following are still in the background here, and on my bookmarks, because they are important.  

Have been playing with the Spectrum Noir markers, and of course yours truly purchased from a bad run,  Now any company can have a bad run and not catch them all, but this person seems to be able to find them no matter what they are.    Usually things electronic, so this is waaaaaay better.   :)

Fortunately for me, the Canucks Crafts and Crafter's Companion are working with this problem and solving it for me, and the markers are working great for me.  Any that will still have problems but are not colours used often will also be looked after, so that is excellent customer service.  

This past year has been a long and different one, but looking ahead and at what doing now, am loving what I see, and hence the changes and upgrades or whatever.

Have a good one all, am off to "play" with the cards.

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Rosy Newlun said...

Hi Shari - wow, your cards are outstanding!!! How can I thank you for all the gifts you've given to me? You have been so generous. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers esp as this first year since Jeff's passing is quickly approaching. Be patient with your feelings. It takes time to sort out and continue in the healing process. Much love to you, ♥ rosy