Christmas Card

Today, is a card made from the kit in the catalogue "Frosted"  

A kit that gives you everything you need for stock, paper, twine, bling, to make a set of 15 cards.   How cool is that.   You have to supply your own inks, tape/glue, etc,   
But !!! A stamp set is included (shown below) with a value of $17.95.   

And remember, our company has equal pricing for Canadians and those in the US.  Not common at all, but shows what a great company this is.  
The instructions for cutting and putting together are in a beautiful  10 x 10 foldout folder with diagrams to show you how to cut for the maximum use of the materials.   
The kit includes the 15 cards and envelopes, but since wanting to make a square card, will use the ones in the kit for something else.   That is another thing we can do, mix it up but use the general ideas.  

The twine was not used on this card.   But is a beautiful natural/tan weave with sparkle through it.  Not a lot, just enough to be great on a card.   If too much, would not have mentioned it. 

Card was made with the Stock in Colonial White, Oive, and Ruby, and the Inks are Olive, Chocolate and Sky.
is from the kit, but this link is to the page with all the bling on it. 

bling is in the kit, but this is the page for all the bling.  (The regular sparkles will work if not using the kit,  but then, you also don't get the stamp set)

Did you notice the green ink on the green stock.  Both the same colour, but looks so great. 

Here is the picture of the stamp set included in the kit. 
These sets are only available in the kits, whether a scrapbook kit or card kit, and of course can be used for anything.   

As well, as well as the stamps being clear to be able to see where you are actually stamping, each set comes in their own flat envelopes, and maybe take up 1/4+ inch thick storage area deep and are in envelopes that are just over 6.5" square.  How simple to store, and see the sets when looking.   Just like going through a file.   Works great.   

Can't wait to make a card with the trees.  Have a few ideas in mind for sure.  

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