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Hi you all.    As you can see, not many posts lately, was not really into things a lot for a long time, but doing for challenges on a couple of design teams only. 

Well,   Got word a short while ago that my favourite products line - Close To My Heart was now in partnership with my also favourite and only makers used now.  Touch Twin. 

Of course this became an absolute "no brainer" as they say, and had to rejoin immediately.

Since colouring is something loved, and they have 24 colours with Close To My Heart for now, and some great stamps for colouring as well,  it has to be done.   
On that note:  will be starting to do tutorials for the markers and will  post on here as well.  

If you want these, just sign up for the mail and follow as well.  You will receive the posts in your mail and will be able to save on your system if you wish to use when off line. 

Videos will come as soon as I learn them and get a tripod :)

Have a wonderful day all,  going to get a card posted here for tomorrow for the DT still on, which we use given images for, so no, will not be CTMH.   Then the tutorials. 

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Verna Angerhofer said...

It sounds like a great "fit" for you then. Enjoy!