Die cuts for weddings, 7 pix !!.

Well, was playing around one day last week with this card and could not decide what to do with the front, so cut all the words had pertaining to anniversary, love and weddings and went to town. 

Nothing is attached in these pictures, but after deciding to leave the rings and doves, they are now in place permanently.  :)  

So these were the ideas came up with, and some are a bit crooked but every time something was moved to it's exact place something else would move like there was a wee wiggle worm inside the die cut so gave up. 

Just goes to show what you can do with two word sets and one was an every day one.  Go figure. 

The stock is Stardream coral and opal and the dies are Tattered Lace. 

Also was playing with taking the photos on the marble table but have to figure out a better lighting system for this shiny stock.  Sick of white blah backgrounds:)

1st one.
2nd one

3rd one

 4th one

5th one

6th one

 7th one

That's it.   Was pretty happy that all these combinations could be made and know that there are more dies in the drawer for weddings so can do with other things than the birds and rings as well.  

Have a super day all. 

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Verna Angerhofer said...

Your cards are so gorgeous and elegant looking.