flowers from an "angel without wings" and her hubby

 There are a few that I call and mail things back and forth to from occasionally from our original group, and this person is one.  Sorry, but have to say who did this wonderful thing.

thankyou more that can be said to Rosy and her hubby Bruce.
 Have a challenge for all of you.  It is at the bottom !!

 You know that usually there are not "personal" posts on here about family etc but this one is different.  And no,  do not want mails, etc, just want everyone to take time to do the challenge in honour of the special persons in your own lives and post somewhere.

Today is the anniversary of the passing of my husband.  And it is a mixed day, but cannot be sad except for if being selfish because of wanting more time with him,  He had a long haul with illnesses and it could not go on, no matter what we wanted.  Just have to be thankful for the years we had and remember the happy times, and quite a few goofy ones that made up those years.

He had requested DNR and a time limit on life support, which made yesterday a year to the day that we knew the next day we had to honour his request.  We were all there all week except the year and a half grandchild and her mother.  That was ok, as they were too far away to have her come and use a sitter.

This explained, yesterday was a hard day to remember because that decision even when taken out of your hands still is bad, so went out on an errand.  Came home to a message that the flower shop that has the most beautiful flowers in town had a delivery.  Let me tell you, that since the only time flowers came my way was when in the hospital or him picking up some for the table, had no idea who, why, what or anything, and so decided that they had the wrong person.

This is what was delivered,   Have never seen roses this large, or this colour,  Absolutely stunning, enjoying it, and more so because it was completely unexpected, and certainly had me wondering.  Kept me thinking for a while for sure, 
This is the arrangement yesterday on the marble table.  It took great shots on the dark top,  

Look how perfect this is,   Huge flowers and just the two colours make it perfect.   The daisys are over 4" so you can see how huge the roses are as well.   Makes my wedding roses look like they were midgets. 

Top of a perfect bloom

Side view of a rose.  They are all like this.  Absolutely perfect and waiting to open

One of the daisys. 

One of the  cats is Large !!!,  she came and got beside the arrangement to sniff at it and it makes her head seem small.  Did not stay there long enough to get a snap to post, but you get the picture, 

Now !!   Don't need a bunch of mails because I know my friends are thinking about me as I do them, but ~~~~
am challenging anyone who comes here to make a "Cheerful"  sympathy card for the next time they need one.   
Personally, hate drab dreary run of the mill ones, and did not get one like that last year,  Saved them all and they were beautiful, some in the pastels, some bright, but all not "gloomy" 

So come on.  Get out the bright beautifuls, get to work, and post, !!   Nobody deserves a "sad" card just because of a sad situation.

Have a super day all, I intend on it.  


Verna Angerhofer said...

What a wonderful gesture to send those flowers and so happy they made you feel loved. said...

Your flowers are gor=juss! Very thoughtful person that sent those to you! Shari I love your challenge idea. I wanted to make a card for Sean so maybe I can use that one. It's getting harder and harder to make cards as I get more and more of my stuff packed away for our upcoming move.

Cheryl Wright said...

Absolutely gorgeous flowers, Shari! Isn't that just like Rosy? Such a thoughtful person.

It must have been a terribly hard day for you - been thinking of you.

Will take you up on the challenge - love the card Verna made!

Rosy Newlun said...

You are cared about and loved <3 :*

Unknown said...

\hey girl. tried to call but it did not go through. The bouquet is still absolutely stunning, not dying off at all. Hope you are doing ok, have not been on the line for a few days. still working at getting it together in this little living place, and re arranging. One day it will fall into place. Have a super day. Off to try a card, an order is supposed to come today. Yeah, Gotta love new stuff.

Oh. went and checked a couple of times but no new dies out there. Will keep checking.