One piece box closed

This is the same pattern as the open front below, but thought actually for cards, this is better. 

Again a 12" x 10" piece of paper, but with this one you score more.   
Score on the 12" side at 1", 2", 6.5", 7.5" 10", 11"
Score on the 10" side at 1", 2", 8", 9"

This shows the first cut which is removing the outside 2" from the top part again as in the first one.

For this box we do not remove the long pieces on the sides, but instead as the picture shows, make the flaps at the 6.5" to 7.5" marks, and trim

Take the flaps for the bottom part and again, put the adhesive or tape along the inside close to the edge of the paper, fold over onto the second inch of side placing the tabs under and adhering.    Should look like this except with your sides completely adhered.  

This is the finishing together bit, where you turn it over, tape or run adhesive along the inch edge.  (used two stips of tiny tape because at the time the wider one had taken a walk about)

Flip around fold back towards the middle and place the lid down on the box front adhereing the sides to each other. 
Finished box. looking the same as the open front, but all sealed together.  The ribbon is adhered along the back of the box, something always done with ribbon, so it stays,  Just undo the bow and open the box.,  Also, if wanted take a small circle punch and punch half out in the middle of the front piece to be able to get the cards out easier.  

Have fun

This was made using CTMH "confetti" paper, piece of their pearl bling, and ribbon and flowers from stash, 

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Verna Angerhofer said...

I love your beautiful box you made. I can see where you need a pattern with all the measurements on it too for future reference. You decorated yours so wonderfully and it is a great housing for a set of cards. I have an old Aeleen's Box Maker and have made boxes for cards with that method too. But this is a great way to make them when you have no different option.