One piece box with open front.

This is a box that saw on Gina K in different dimensions a long time ago with an open front.   Changed the idea to a different measurements, and finished look and also with a completely closed one as well.  Have no idea when would use an open front one, but it is always a possibility for something. 

You are going to start with a 12" x 10" piece of paper, and score at:
12" side -  1", 2", 6.5", 7.5"
10" side - 1". 2", 8", 9"
Then crease all scores with the folder, and cut down to the 6.5" score at the 2" line on one side, 8" on the other.  Next take and cut into the same depth at the 7.5 score line, and remove the first inch as shown.  These tabs here were not trimmed yet, so don't forget to do that for a better finish.

Now you are going to again cut along the 2" scores again at the other end for the flap and fold over and in fro the side at the 2" depth and your piece should now look like this. 

 Folding it to look this shape you will have the tabs on the sides sticking out, so put your tape on the first 1" part near the outside edge on both sides,  fold over to the inside of the box placing the tab from the back panel underneath and adhering.   When both are done this is what it looks like

This is the finished box and the whole front lifts up, so can be for cards or anything.   Could not find my magnets, so had to use tiny velcro, so it puffs a bit at the join. 

Box made with CTMH "confetti", pearl bling, and stash flower and ribbon


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