Plain old card box setup,

This is just the sample keeping for size, did not do a "finished" product.  Will when not so under the weather. But wanted the measurements on here for someone, with the other two done,   

 This really is just a plain old box measurement .    This is the bottom and starts with
10" x 8.5" piece of stock or paper.  
Score on the 10" side at 1", 2", 8", 9"
Score on the 8.5" side at 1". 2", 6.5", 7.5"

Next, after using the folder on the scores cut exactly as above, removing the outsides of the corners from the long way  - The outside along the 1" score, then the 2" score to the 2" score, but removing the first inch and trimming the wee flap.   Do this on all for corners. 

Now fold it together as if assembling to ensure you do not need any trimming on the edges or corners,   Sometimes, if not cutting true, it is necessary to do a wee angle trim on some ends of the inside flaps.   When certain it is going to fit perfectly -----  take your adhesive or tape, putting close to the outside edge on each flap for turning in.    Now, take a longer flap, fold over to go over the next inch putting the tabs for that corner in place under and adhering, giving you a sturdier side than one layer,   Repeat for the next long side, and make sure all sides are adhered well. 

The top you are going to do exactly the same as the bottom except your measurements will be different.  

 Top measurements are 10 1/8" by 8 5/8" and score lines on this will be
10 1/8" side:  score at 1", 2", 8 1/8" and 9 1/8"
8 5/8" side : score at 1", 2", 6 5/8", 7 5/8"
Enjoy     And if you want a larger box it is easy to just add inches but keeping the 2" for each side extra on it .  So if you want for a 5 x 7 would use a 9" x 11" and add the extra
 1/8th" on the top measurements. 

Have fun  Do in the colour you want and decorate to match the cards, or make ahead in white and use paper and whatever on to do the same.  That gives you a box to decorate ready to work on.

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Rosy Newlun said...

How pretty! Perfect for cards - thank you for posting the measurements :)